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What is last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery, or last kilometre up here in Canada, is the movement of goods from a transportation hub to its final destination, typically a personal residence or business location. Last mile is a critical part of the logistics chain where the focus is on getting goods to the final user as fast as possible. As online retail has become more dominant, last mile logistics is critical as it can be the most difficult part of the supply chain to ensure consistent service quality. Last mile delivery agents are the face of your company’s brand and are a key differentiator for retailers who are seeking to gain market share and build brand loyalty.

Last mile delivery is a unique skill set that combines the personal touch of customer service, the reliability of a transportation provider and the fast, data driven approach of technology company to realize the experience that customers expect.  In the last five years, customers have significantly increased their expectations for fast and sophisticated delivery. Based on research from McKinsey, 25 percent of consumers would pick same-day or instant delivery if it were available at low prices  and they expect to be able to choose from many ways to get the products they want quickly and conveniently. Despite this expectation, their willingness to pay for this service is limited. We all love the convenience of getting what we ordered right away - it is the challenge of orchestrating the people and technology to make it happen that gets us excited!

Delivery procedure

Our process starts with extensive route and schedule planning. We will work with your logistics team to ensure that we have a reliable and cost effective solution that meets your needs. We have a range of fleet options to accommodate levels of demand density and specific product needs.


Next we arrange the load – a finely tuned blend of speed and precision that will minimize your downtime and ensure that all of the customer packages are loaded and tagged for delivery. Our team is able to integrate delivery technology for an end-to-end experience that amazes your customers.


Once we have our loads out for delivery then our team is able to fully shine. They know the areas, the best ways to get around, and are quickly and safely moving all of their packages. They will seek out the best time of day, the best locations to leave packages and will fully document the process and reach out as required and requested to your customers.

Our process does not end with packages on the doorstep! We are relentless in seeking feedback and ensuring that all aspects of the delivery process were smooth and well communicated. With our regular deliveries our goal is to be part of the neighbourhood – bringing a reliable and comforting experience for all of your customers.

Safety Check


We have a COR Certified OH&S program emphasizing that safety excellence is what we strive for: active participation by everyone, every day, in every delivery activity.

Happy Employee


We build and maintain a team of drivers who truly care about their work and each other. This makes us a delivery reliable partner: If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together!

Happy Employee


We are a mission driven organization that is focused on not only delighting our customers but also being a leader in social responsibility.

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