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The only thing we love more than delivering

Is seeing customers smile

A Happy Customer

Anderson Last Mile

Do your customers love your products but dread the delivery? You need a delivery partner who is truly focused on your customers, so that you can keep on bringing them great products. As your last mile service provider, at Anderson Last Mile we understand the responsibility that comes with being the face of your company. For many online orders, we are often the only physical interaction that your customer has with your brand.


Our integrated delivery system consistently provides an inspired delivery experience that will delight your customers and keep them coming back. Our team of skilled, reliable drivers are up to the challenge of last mile logistics. And our management team knows that investing in our people and equipping them with the best tools and technology will ensure fast, reliable, and consistent customer service.

WorkPlace Safety COR

We are Anderson Last Mile, a last mile logistics carrier in the Edmonton area that provides high quality delivery services to build and support your brand. We are proud of our great team of drivers who ‘go the extra mile’ to meet customer needs safely and sustainably. We invest in our people and equip them with the best tools and technology to ensure fast and reliable service.

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